About York Wallcoverings

York Wallcoverings carries a wide variety of styles, textures and designs for you to choose from. Designers such as Candice Olsen and Joanna Gaines have their own beautiful collections. York's wallpaper has a wide price range that can suit anyone's budget. Also some of their collections are Sure Strip pre pasted which allows you to easily spray the back and place it easily onto the wall then conveniently peel it off the wall to remove it.  

Sure Strip Demo

About Villa Nova & Romo Wallcoverings

Based in the UK, Villa Nova and Romo wallcoverings are simply gorgeous! Their patterns are very unique and come in stunning colours. These two sister companies provide amazing designs, even some wallcoverings come in fabrics!

Arte Wallcoverings

Arte by Metro Wallpaper in a very unique company. Their 3D wallcoverings come in abstract to elegant patterns that even have acoustic properties. Arte has a wide range of graphic designs, geometric patterns and also natural textures. Taking home decor to a new level

Omexco Wallcoverings

Omexco Wallcoverings is a company that uses recycled materials in their wallpaper. From mother of pearl to even leftover saris fabric, this company uses unordinary materials to make extraordinary masterpieces. With this wallpaper you are sure to have one in a kind art on your walls.

How to use Sure Strip