About Van Gogh Designs

Created in Surrey British Columbia, Van Gogh designs creates many styles of sofas, chairs and ottomans. All custom made to your liking; pick from hundred of fabrics, create your own furniture and choose from different dimensions. 

About Motion Craft

Motion Craft is from North Carolina and is well known for their motorized furniture. They are completely quiet and move smoothly. A unique piece that Motion Craft makes is an ottoman with a single bed inside that we have in the store!  There are tons of leathers and fabrics you can choose for these items and they are also custom to your liking. 

About Durham Furniture

Made in Durham, this furniture company is close to home and is known for their beautiful solid wood furniture. Made with multiple types wood and many different finishes, Durham Furniture is custom to your liking and space. Looking for a wooden piece for your home? Durham Furniture has many styles and pieces for any area in your house.

About G Romano

Made in Montreal, G Romano furniture is crafted with precision and care. Their fabrics are eco friendly and 100% natural.  Their designs are truly unique and with a bright pop of colour, these pieces can truly transform a room.